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Lentech empowers our customer's cloud journey with our AWS expertise. Unlock the full potential of AWS with our professional services.  Our team of seasoned cloud architects, engineers, and industry specialists collaborates with you to accelerate innovation, optimize costs, and build secure, high-performing solutions tailored to your unique needs. From migration and deployment to ongoing optimization and training, we guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve tangible business outcomes faster and more efficiently.  Embrace the agility and scalability of the cloud with AWS, fueled by expert guidance and personalized support.

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AWS GovCloud (US) Delivery

Public Sectior Solution Provider

As an AWS Select Tier consulting partner and reseller since 2013, Lentech boasts extensive experience in cloud migration, having guided numerous customers in transitioning to the AWS platform. This rich history translates to deep expertise in architecting, operating, and migrating workloads to the cloud, honed through years of hands-on work. Notably, Lentech is also an AWS GovCloud Service Delivery certified partner, an early adopter leveraging this secure environment to deliver U.S. citizen-only hosting services to the federal market. This commitment to secure cloud solutions further solidifies Lentech's position as a trusted advisor for organizations seeking seamless and secure cloud migration and management.

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The following services are provided as part of our managed hosting offering or within your cloud environment:

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  • Cloud Migration and Hosting: Move your on-premises applications, data, and infrastructure to the AWS Cloud seamlessly and securely.

  • Application Modernization: Modernize your existing applications to take advantage of the scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness of the AWS Cloud.

  • Data Migration: Migrate your data to the AWS Cloud, ensuring its security, accessibility, and performance.

  • Cloud Management: Manage your AWS environment effectively, including infrastructure, applications, and data.

  • Cost Optimization: Optimize your AWS spending and ensure you're getting the most out of your cloud investment.

  • Security Services: Secure your AWS environment with a comprehensive set of security services, including obtaining FISMA ATO leveraging a CSP's FedRAMP ATO

  • DevOps and Agile: Implement DevOps and Agile practices to accelerate your software development process

  • Technical Support: Get 24/7 technical support from our cloud experts on your hosted environment

  • Effortless Scalability: Cloud hosting adapts to your needs, growing or shrinking resources as needed, all without the hassle of physical hardware.

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