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Spacecraft Scientist



Mission and Networks Operations Services

Upon successful development, integration and test and launch of space systems and payloads, ongoing mission and network operations ensure maximum data return and operational performance, whether in support of science initiatives or the critical delivery of essential data in support of the war fighter. Lentech provides critical mission and network operations services to NASA and Air force Space Command.

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Digital Network

Mission and Networks Operations Services

  • Mission operations and subsystems engineering services for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), including analysis and planning to optimize existing HST System capabilities, engineering evaluation of HST subsystems and science instruments performance, flight systems engineering, sensor calibration and alignment, attitude control systems operations, ground systems testing, and ongoing mission operations

  • Attitude, Determination and Control flight engineer for Joint Polar Satellite System -1 mission

  • System Administration Support to Critical Ongoing Satellite Operations for USAF 50th Space Wing

  • Operational tools and enhancements for Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) command and control system in support of mission operations

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